Annual Report on Mineral Resources

29 August 2005

Cover of Australia’s Identified Mineral Resources. © Geoscience Australia.

Cover of Australia’s Identified
Mineral Resources.
© Geoscience Australia

Australia’s resource stocks remain healthy overall, although there has been a levelling off of resource trends for several major commodities, according to the latest assessment released by Geoscience Australia.

Australia’s Identified Mineral Resources shows that expansions in mine production of coking coal, iron ore, uranium and other commodities continued in 2004 and the resources sector overall continued to contribute to Australia’s prosperity – economically, environmentally and socially. In 2004-05, over 35% of the country’s total exports with an estimated worth of $65 billion, came from the resources sector.

Australia's Identified Mineral Resources has been published by Geoscience Australia since 1975. The information in this publication is used to formulate Government policy, and provide industry, the investment sector and the general community with an informed understanding of Australia's known mineral resources and exploration activity.

The assessment includes evaluations of long-term trends in mineral resources, international rankings, summaries of significant exploration results, brief reviews of mining industry developments, and an analysis of mineral exploration expenditure across Australia.

The 2005 release contains a wealth of minerals exploration and development information and is linked to the Australian Mines Atlas.

Download or view Australia's Identified Mineral Resources 2005.

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