Gold for Geoscience Australia

19 April 2005

Dr Trevor Powell, Geoscience Australia. © Geoscience Australia.

Dr Trevor Powell, Geoscience Australia.
© Geoscience Australia

At the opening ceremony of the 2005 Annual Conference of the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) in Perth on 11 April, Dr Trevor Powell, Geoscience Australia’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Chief of Spatial Sciences, received APPEA’s most prestigious award - the Lewis G. Weeks Gold Medal.

The medal commemorates the work of Dr Lewis G Weeks, the legendary geologist who played a central role in discovering the Bass Strait oil province. The medal is awarded annually to someone who has "made an outstanding contribution to the art, science and practice of petroleum exploration which in turn has materially encouraged or stimulated the climate for exploring for and producing oil and gas in Australia."

Trevor's award recognises his important contribution to Australia's upstream petroleum industry through his world class organic geochemical research, his contributions to Australian Government policy relating to petroleum exploration, and his development and leadership of the major Government program providing pre-competitive geoscience information to the industry.

"This award is a highlight in a career of highlights," said Geoscience Australia CEO, Dr Neil Williams. "It recognises the outstanding contribution Trevor has made to the development of the Australian petroleum industry."

"Another hallmark of Trevor's career has been his modesty, and this was again evidenced by his acceptance speech when he reflected not only on his work, but also the great work of his colleagues in BMR, AGSO, and Geoscience Australia."

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