Raster maps now online

10 November 2005

Geoscience Australia’s 1:250,000 scale national topographic data, TOPO-250K RASTER, is now available free online. It forms the backbone of our NATMAP Raster products which are popular in the recreational and commercial markets.

Section of the Mallacoota topographic map. © Geoscience Australia.

Solid Geology map
of Eastern Australia.
© Geoscience Australia

This much anticipated release will be of significant benefit to GIS users across a wide range of applications, such as regional planning, agriculture, emergency management, environment, tourism and map based presentations. Commercial map makers will also benefit, with the data (an alternative to vector data) allowing for the development of commercial map products for tourism and other markets.

TOPO-250K RASTER is made available free online as part of the Australian Government's Spatial Data Access and Pricing Policy.

The TOPO-250K RASTER data is a raster version of Geoscience Australia's GEODATA TOPO-250K Series 2 national fundamental vector data.

The TOPO-250K RASTER data can be downloaded free as individual mapsheets by visiting our Free Downloads page and searching on topography. Users are required to complete a simple registration process and use the data in accordance with the licence provisions.

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