Searching for Australian earthquakes no longer a shaky experience

25 January 2005

Snapshot from the Earthquake Database. © Geoscience Australia.

Snapshot from the Earthquake Database
© Geoscience Australia

Geoscience Australia's earthquake database is now online, providing easy access to key information about Australia's earthquakes and seismicity. The database contains information about Australian earthquakes from 1841 to the present, with magnitudes ranging up to 7.2 (the estimated magnitude of Australia's largest earthquake, at Meeberrie, WA). Information about overseas earthquakes greater than magnitude six is also now available online.

The earliest overseas earthquake listed in the database occurred in Jordan in 2150 BC. The database is updated progressively as real-time seismographic data is analysed and the earthquake locations are determined.

The database may be searched through a map or text-based interface, returning information tailored to the user's specific needs, and downloaded to the user's computer.

Features include: plotting earthquakes on a map with a number of optional backgrounds; details of earthquakes queried individually or as groups within specified areas; and the ability to zoom-in on maps to the area of interest.


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