Survey goes up, Paterson comes down

28 November 2005

Locality diagram for Paterson Gravity Survey. © Geoscience Australia.

New gravity data from a recent survey in the Paterson Province in Western Australia has been incorporated into the Australian National Gravity Database.

The gravity survey, managed by Geoscience Australia on behalf of the Geological Survey of Western Australia, was conducted within a large area of the Paterson Province in the Great and Little Sandy Deserts which lie 1250 km north of Perth, Western Australia (area shown in figure).

The area is very remote, but does include the gold and copper mines of Nifty and Telfer, which are significant in the region.

The data was acquired at a station spacing of 2.5km x 2.5km with a small block acquired at 2 km x 2km.

The point located and gridded data for the Paterson Gravity Survey will be available from 7 December 2005, and can be obtained free-of-charge using the download facility "GADDS".

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