2007 University Cadetships

10 October 2006

In 2007 Geoscience Australia is offering a unique cadetship scheme for Canberra based students who are embarking on their first year of university science studies.

Working at Geoscience Australia.

"We are looking for bright, enthusiastic young people pursuing careers in science. Working with the Australian National University, we are offering a tailored cadetship program of professional and diverse work experience placements, entwined with academic mentoring," said Dr Neil Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Geoscience Australia.

The cadetship scheme is open to all Canberra students who have done well in science and maths for their Year 12 Certificate and are about to apply for a place at the Australian National University in a science related degree. The cadetships will be offered to students entering degrees including the newly offered Bachelor of Global and Ocean Sciences (Honours), or to students completing science degrees with interests in geoscience related subjects.

"Geoscience Australia has created this cadetship scheme to encourage young people into science careers. Science careers are rewarding, exciting and diverse, and students who enter this scheme will be exposed to numerous professional work environments to enable them to make informed decisions about their futures. Geoscience Australia hopes that this program assists students in deciding their career pathways, and that it generates future geoscientists for Geoscience Australia," said Dr Williams.

Expressions of interest are currently being accepted, with all interviews occurring after university entrance scores have been released.

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