Exploration in the third dimension

26 October 2006

Geoscience Australia’s 3D Visualisation Laboratory (3D Vizlab) is the latest research tool developed to aid geoscientists explore underground Australia.

3D image of Tasmania.

Launched by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources, the Hon Bob Baldwin MP, the 3D Vizlab is a full stereo theatre that uses three-dimensional imagery to identify Australia's underground resources.

The 3D Vizlab displays high quality geological interpretations and models that will be critical in exploring Australia for new ore bodies and petroleum fields. The information displayed allows geoscientists to probe Australia’s continent without removing a single stone, and applies the latest cutting-edge technology.

"Unlike viewing a geological model on a flat computer screen, viewing the models in 3D creates the perception that you are underground, exploring the subsurface structures and systems of Australia," said the Parliamentary Secretary. "This tool will be invaluable for identifying new exploration opportunities, and for encouraging international interest".

The Parliamentary Secretary likened the theatre and its capabilities to ‘something out of Star Wars’.

"It wasn’t long ago when technology like this was only dreamed up in movie scripts, now it’s becoming reality. This is the first big step into exploration methods for the 21st Century."

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