Geoscience Australia signs up to joint venture

10 November 2006

GA CEO Neil Williams & ASI GM Ed Roberts Geoscience Australia has moved a step closer to acquiring of a sensitive high resolution ion microprobe which will enhance opportunities to apply geochronology investigation to mineral exploration.

The agreement with the Canberra firm Australian Scientific Instruments (ASI) establishes a partnership to share the use of the new equipment for dating rocks.

The 15-year agreement will allow ASI to test new hardware and software and conduct customer demonstrations on the instrument after it is installed at Geoscience Australia by mid 2007.

The new equipment will allow Geoscience Australia to control the collection of data on the age of rocks for its own use and that of its partners in the State and Territory geological surveys as well as the delivery of information to industry and other interest groups.

Data from the new ion microprobe will provide another avenue for geoscientists to understand the geological potential of onshore Australia, which will provide valuable support for Geoscience Australia's activities under the new Onshore Energy Security Initiative.

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