MapConnect online mapping has arrived

13 October 2006

Geoscience Australia has launched MapConnect, the next generation of on-line mapping applications.

Section from the Mapconnect interface (Click to MapConnect)

MapConnect enables personal and professional users alike to download and print maps of their chosen area, in a standard web browser environment without the need for additional software. The application utilises Geoscience Australia's GEODATA TOPO 250K Series 3 data that covers the entire nation.

A unique feature of MapConnect is the ability to turn on and off specific feature layers. This means that users can customise their own map by including features that are important for their needs, or alternately, excluding features not required. The data is extracted directly from a spatial database that is constantly maintained to ensure that the most recent data is available to users.

Users can customise an area of interest (some download parameters apply) using the easy to use tools provided. For example, locating an area of interest is as simple as entering a place name or map sheet name then zooming to the location. The extents can then be selected before choosing the preferred download formats.

At this time, only GEODATA TOPO 250K Series 3 data (1:250 000 scale) is available via MapConnect, however, more national data sets at other scales will be accessible in time.

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