New Geodata for ACT Region available

12 May 2006

Snapshot of ACT GeoData image

Geoscience Australia has released 1:100 000 scale vector data for the ACT Region which enables users with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to apply the data in specialised applications.

Called GEODATA TOPO 100K ACT Region, it is a vector representation of the major topographical features appearing on the ACT Region 1:100 000 scale topographic map and is primarily designed to provide high quality data for mapping and GIS professionals.

The data is available free on line or as a packaged product on CD for only $99. Both versions are available in Personal Geodatabase, ESRI Shapefiles and MapInfo Mid/Mif formats. ER Mapper ECW Raster format data is also included, adding to its versatility.

Data is presented in the following themes: Administration, Aviation, Cartography, Culture, Drainage, Framework, Habitation, Industry, Physiography, Rail transport, Relief, Road transport, Series Index, Survey Marks, Utility, Vegetation and Water-bodies.

The packaged version can be obtained from the Geoscience Australia Sales Centre on Freecall 1800 800173 (within Australia).

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