Tropical coastal studies move forward

16 August 2006

Geoscience Australia will be a major contributing partner in a newly formed national project on Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge (TRACK), funded through the Commonwealth Environmental Research Fund and the Tropical Rivers Program.

The TRACK project has been formed to address environmental problems which are encroaching on northern Australia's rivers, estuaries and coastal environments, due largely to intensified land use changes. Geoscience Australia will contribute to two different studies within the TRACK project.

LandSat image of Norman River/Estuary, located in the Southern Gulf of Carpentaria. "One component we will contribute to will be the development of a large, high resolution topographic map that will be used for land management and planning. The map will be based on the analysis of satellite imagery. The other component is a large study on water, sediment and nutrient dynamics in estuaries. By monitoring these, we will enhance our capability to predict impacts on the coastal environment under different land use scenarios", said Dr Ralf Haese, Project Leader of Coastal Research and Management, Geoscience Australia.

"I am very excited and pleased with our successful proposal and Geoscience Australia's role in TRACK. It is an opportunity to provide proactively relevant information for a project which has its eye on sustainable management for the future", he said.

TRACK is a collaborative project which involves over 50 Australian research organisations, pulling together valuable knowledge and skill sets to combat environmental degradation, and protect northern Australia's valuable waterways.

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