Agreement reached on global digital geology map

16 April 2007

Geoscience Australia is to join similar organisations from more than 40 countries to embark on one of the most ambitious geological mapping programs ever undertaken.

Representing Australia, Dr Lesley Wyborn from Geoscience Australia and Dr Simon Cox from CSIRO Exploration and Mining, joined representatives from 53 national and international organisations at a workshop in Brighton, UK, to investigate ways of creating dynamic digital geological map data for the world.

OneGeology logo

The project, titled OneGeology, will provide internet access to the most up-to-date, worldwide geological map data at a scale of 1:1 million as part of the 2008 International Year of the Planet Earth program.

"Each country will make its 1:1M geological map data available using web service technologies for distribution through the OneGeology portal using Google Earth and other dynamic map browsers," Dr Wyborn said.

"All agencies will make their data available via a new geological exchange language known as GeoSciML which will allow geological data to be dynamically shared and integrated across the planet," she said.

"OneGeology also will transfer valuable information on web services to the developing world, accelerating the process of bringing people in less developed countries into the digital age," Dr Wyborn said.

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