Continental geochemical survey

6 March 2007

Geoscience Australia's geochemical survey team (from left: Andrew McPherson, Megan Lech and Patrice de Caritat) collecting surface and ~80 cm deep samples at a site in northwestern New South Wales (Image copyright GA 2007).

Geoscience Australia will begin a program in the near future which is aimed at gathering detailed information about the geological makeup of Australia, specifically targeting possible locations for energy related minerals.

The new regolith sampling program, known as the National Geochemical Survey of Australia (NGSA) project, forms part of the Australian Government's Onshore Energy Security Initiative announced by the Prime Minister in August 2006.

In a collaborative effort between Geoscience Australia and State and Northern Territory geoscience agencies, the NGSA will employ a cost-effective, ultra-low density sampling technique covering most of Australia to acquire actual mineral concentration measurements, especially for uranium and thorium.

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