Have you felt an earthquake?

16 November 2007

You could assist Australia's earthquake research by telling us if you have felt an earthquake.

Locating earthquakes on paper maps Geoscience Australia monitors earthquakes 24/7. It has over 39 research stations, known as seismic stations, scattered around Australia that detect movements of the Earth. All data is transmitted from these locations to the central office in Canberra, where seismologists (earthquake scientists) determine the location, magnitude and depth of the earthquake.

Although Geoscience Australia's monitoring system can determine the location, magnitude and time of an earthquake, information from community members will provide valuable information about what it "felt" like.

The simple online earthquake report form gathers information about the intensity of an earthquake. It includes a series of questions to find out information about shaking windows, loud noises or any immediate building damage. This information will assist seismologists in gaining a greater understanding of this naturally occurring Earth process.

Geoscience Australia's website also provides information about earthquakes, as well as a list of the latest earthquakes.

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