Marita wins prestigious award at APPEA 2007

16 April 2007

The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) kicked off its annual conference today with recognition of one of the industry's long term contributors, Dr Marita Bradshaw from Geoscience Australia, by awarding her the prestigious Lewis G. Weeks Gold Medal.

Dr Marita Bradshaw (image copyright GA 2007)

The medal commemorates the work of Dr Lewis G Weeks, the legendary geologist who played a central role in discovering the Bass Strait oil province. The medal is awarded annually to someone who has "made an outstanding contribution to the art, science and practice of petroleum exploration which in turn has materially encouraged or stimulated the climate for exploring for and producing oil and gas in Australia."

Marita was nominated for her sustained, high-level contributions to the evaluation of Australia’s offshore petroleum potential. Throughout her career, she has worked tirelessly to understand the petroleum potential of Australia and to convey that understanding to petroleum exploration companies around the world.

"Her enthusiasm and commitment have helped promote Australia’s petroleum potential to a large national and international audience, and have especially helped in the search for new petroleum provinces in the offshore areas of the country", said Dr Neil Williams, Geoscience Australia's CEO.

"She has always had a passion for the under-explored and frontier provinces of Australia, maintaining a high level of optimism in the face of some difficult geology. She is also a great communicator, as well as a mentor and educator to less experienced geoscientists both within Geoscience Australia and the petroleum industry at large", he said.

With 25 years of government and petroleum experience, Dr Bradshaw is a worthy recipient of the Lewis G Weeks Gold Medal. For government, she has helped formulate strategies that have cemented Geoscience Australia as a world-class geoscience organisation. In 2002, she contributed to a review of Geoscience Australia’s petroleum program which resulted in $61 million government funding for acquisition of pre-competitive geoscience data.

For the petroleum industry, she has helped provide relevant, quality data and analysis in a timely manner, especially for the annual acreage releases. For all, she is a shining light of how industry and government can work together for a superior result, and for the benefit of Australia. Petroleum exploration investments in Australia have been positively impacted by Dr Bradshaw’s energy, enthusiasm, guidance and wisdom.

This is the first time a female nominee has won the award, and the second consecutive Lewis G. Weeks medal for Geoscience Australia, following 2005 award recipient Dr Trevor Powell. The medal was not awarded in 2006.

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