Meet our 2007 graduate team

13 February 2007

2007 Graduate team

Six young and talented science graduates from around Australia have moved to Canberra to be part of Geoscience Australia's 2007 graduate team.

For seven years Geoscience Australia has recruited talented science graduates. This year places have been offered to graduates with diverse academic backgrounds from James Cook University and the Universities of Melbourne, Queensland and Wollongong.

One member of the new graduate team, Laura said "Through previous work experience placements I developed an interest in petroleum exploration. My first project here at Geoscience Australia will be working with one of the offshore research groups, identifying characteristics and common areas of source rock", said Laura, one member of the new graduate team.

"Geoscience Australia's graduate program initially appealed to me because of its offshore petroleum programs; however after investigating further I have realised that I am interested in many other research areas including natural hazard research on bushfires. This graduate program allows me to explore all of these options", Laura said.

The graduate team began the year long program this week choosing their first rotation projects. Throughout the year, each graduate will choose up to four research projects, allowing them to develop and explore their individual career pathways.

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