Minerals Map has new dimensions

11 July 2007

Geoscience Australia has expanded the scope of its familiar 1:5 million scale map, Mines and Mineral Deposits - Selected Commodities and Operating Status which is updated annually.

Minerals Map of Australia - Click to view enlarged copy (Copyright Geoscience Australia 2007)

As was the case with the geo-regions map issued in June 2005, the new edition highlights the deposit name, location and type of mineral extracted from specific mines around Australia. It also contains the locations of historic mines and other, so far untapped deposits.

However, the latest edition includes two additional maps with entirely new formats. They are maps with deposit information overlain on magnetic and gravity images of Australia, two geophysical characteristics which are important tools for mineral exploration in Australia.

There are six maps free to download under the Mineral Deposits heading on this page.

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