Mt Isa survey completed

10 January 2007

Image of seismic thumper trucks in the field

Geoscientists from the Australian and Queensland Governments recently completed data acquisition for a major deep crustal seismic survey of the Mount Isa and Cloncurry region of the North West Queensland mineral province.

The joint venture with the Queensland Department of Mines and Energy Geological Survey group, the Predictive Mineral Discovery Co-operative Research Centre, and others used specialised vibrator trucks to obtain information from up to 65 kilometres below the surface.

The region surveyed is one of the world's most important base-metal mineral repositories, and a better understanding of the principal crustal architecture and basin-forming structures will help with future mineral discovery in the region. The survey illustrated the success of programs undertaken by Geoscience Australia in partnership with State bodies to better define Australia's resource potential.

For further details on the survey, please see the media release.

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