New interactive data on coastal website

2 August 2007

Scientists, natural resources manager's and community members can now access the largest central source of coastal information and data in Australia, the OzCoast and OzEstuaries website.

Previously called OzEstuaries, and used in more than 70 countries, the website now provides access to more coastal and estuary data and information.

The new data and information can be used to improve natural resource management and for the conservation of Australia's coastal zone, estuaries and near-shore environments.

The latest version of the website includes a new Geology and Geomorphology (the study of landforms) module with 3D models and case studies, an Environmental Management module and new and updated fact sheets (Indicators module).

The Environmental Management module (derived from the Coastal CRC product OzCoast) shows how data, planning and participation processes can be used in developing, implementing and reviewing catchment and coastal plans.

Maps, images, reports and data can be downloaded to assist scientists, natural resources manager's and policy organisations with estuary and coastal management. You can now even build your own conceptual model.

For the wider community, there are fact sheets about the science underpinning estuary and coastal indicators and issues.

Sitting under the Geoscience Australia banner, the website was designed with input from more than 40 agencies including government, universities and the National Estuaries Network. The former Cooperative Research Centre for Coastal Zone, Estuary & Waterway Management and National Land and Water Resources Audit team coordinated communication between agencies.

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