Contract to provide improved data delivery service

11 June 2008

A contract signed recently by Geoscience Australia for the acquisition of a robotic Archive and Data Delivery system will result in significant efficiencies in the delivery of pre-competitive data to stimulate offshore petroleum exploration.

Geoscience Australia's data repository

The system, which is being acquired as part of Geoscience Australia's Offshore Energy Security Program, will be supplied and supported by Tardis Services and IBM Australia.

The new system, which will allow more efficient data handling and provide better access to data for Geoscience Australia's clients, will have capacity for two petabytes or 2,000 terabytes of data on tape cartridges with 1.5 petabytes as a tape oriented library and 0.5 petabytes as a hierarchical file system.

The system will begin operating later this year and gradually supersede the current data storage which is on a variety of media and occupying several kilometres of shelf space.

The Chief Executive Officer of Geoscience Australia, Dr Neil Williams, said that initially, the system will cater for the massive offshore petroleum data repository, but added that it has the potential to support data well beyond that repository to include additional information such as Geoscience Australia's satellite imagery archive.

More details are available at IBM Australia media releases.

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