Earthquakes in the Canberra Region

7 March 2008

The Canberra region has experienced an average of one earthquake per year for the past 50 years; and for most residents this information would come as a surprise.

Cover image of the Earthquakes in the Canberra Region publication [PDF 2.5MB]. (Copyright Geoscience Australia)

Earthquakes in the Canberra Region [PDF 2.5MB] contains a complete history of seismic activity in and around the nation's capital, using records that date back from as early as 1841.

This updated version of the 1996 publication draws upon new seismic data from the past 11 years, in conjunction with felt reports from local residents.

Included in the 32 page booklet is an earthquake action guide explaining what to do during and after an earthquake and possible warning signs.

Earthquakes in the Canberra Region is also available free of charge from the Geoscience Australia Sales Centre or our Education Centre.

If you do feel an earthquake, you can help Australia's seismic research by telling us about your experience.

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