New product licence improves customer access

12 December 2008

Visitors to our website will find it easier to use and access information in future through the adoption of the Creative Commons licence.

Computer and legal books. No copyright.

These licences are easy to understand, royalty-free, modular, off the shelf licences which have been customised for the legal codes of more than 50 countries, including Australia.

Geoscience Australia is the first Australian Government agency to implement the licence, which is being considered also by the Queensland and Victorian Governments, Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Bureau of Meteorology and others.

Among the products available through the Geoscience Australia website with Creative Commons licences are MODIS data and the Australian Mines Atlas.

Other material to be issued shortly under Creative Commons licences includes the GeoMAP 250K product, digitised BMR records and educational material about tsunami.

Adoption of the licences has been made in response to requests from clients for the use and re-use of Geoscience Australia data to be simplified and made more transparent.

As it adopted by other organisations, the Creative Commons licence is expected to make it easier for users to merge spatial and geoscientific data obtained from different sources.

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