Equipment undergoes international testing

22 October 2009

The centrepiece of Geoscience Australia's geochronology program, the Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe, or SHRIMP, has gone international.

Geoscience Australia graduates undertaking fieldwork at Twofold Bay (© Geoscience Australia)

Geoscience Australia
SHRIMP Laboratory
© Geoscience Australia

As part of a unique partnership between Geoscience Australia and SHRIMP manufacturer, Australian Scientific Instruments (ASI), to manage the equipment for mutual benefit, samples were analysed via an internet link for a demonstration in the United States.

The demonstrations over four days from 18 October were an integral part of the ASI display booth at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America in Portland, Oregon.

Technicians from ASI carried out remote access demonstrations with particular emphasis on automated operation while scientists from Geoscience Australia observed the operation with a view to extending the practice to the agency's clients.

The SHRIMP partnership is continuing to provide benefits for both parties. ASI recently secured a sale to the University of Granada in Spain after demonstrations on the Geoscience Australia SHRIMP IIe, while Geoscience Australia is benefiting from the company's research and development on the equipment.

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