New ACT map to aid emergency services

20 November 2009

A newly released topographic map of the ACT and its surrounding region will provide significant benefits to wide sections of the community, particularly organisations involved in emergency services such as rescue and combating bushfires.

Section of the ACT region 1:100 000 scale topograpic map.

Section of the ACT region
1:100 000 scale topograpic map.
© Geoscience Australia

The 1:100 000 scale map was developed by Geoscience Australia using the latest in aerial photography acquisition techniques and mapping technologies.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of Geoscience Australia, Dr Chris Pigram, said the map contained information which will be vital to emergency services in preparing for and responding to emergency and recovery activities.

"Through the whole of government collaboration between the Commonwealth, ACT and New South Wales agencies along with emergency service organisations from the ACT and surrounding region, the map provides accurate up-to-date information for use by the whole community," Dr Pigram said.

"The information on roads, tracks, water bodies, topography and emergency shelters will be of special interest to tourists and those involved in outdoor activities," he said.

Launching the map, the ACT Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Simon Corbell MLA, said the map would go a long way towards properly equipping ACT Emergency Service personnel with appropriate information.

"It is essential our emergency services personnel have access to the latest and most detailed information possible, and this map gives a great insight into the local topography in the ACT," Mr Corbell said.

"We are just heading into this years fire season, and this map will be readily available in the case of any emergencies, both in bushfire fighting and rescue operations," he said.

Copies of the ACT Region map can be obtained from the Geoscience Australia Sales Centre.

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