New resources for mineral explorers

1 October 2009

A wide range of new maps and data sets released by Geoscience Australia this week will provide opportunities for geologists, geoscientists, mineral explorers, resource managers, researchers and the public to obtain information about Australia's known and potential mineral resources.

A geologists compares terrain with a map of the area. (© Geoscience Australia)

A geologists equates the terrain in
northwest Queensland with a map
of the area.
© Geoscience Australia

Many of the releases provide a national framework of precompetitive data to investigate potentially mineralised environments while other data also will help to develop a better understanding of the geological evolution of the Australian continent.

They range from information about the location of Australia's mines and mineral deposits to map sets of the deep geology of north and northwest Queensland, which reveal the basement geology beneath younger cover material, and the geographic extent and age relationships of specific rocks and associated mineral deposits throughout the continent.

All the maps, along with the recently released reports and data sets will open new opportunities for mining and exploration companies to investigate the potential in regions throughout Australia for a variety of mineral resources and commodities.

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