One size licence fits all

20 November 2009

As part of the Australian Government's commitment to improving access to government information, Geoscience Australia has adopted a dramatically simplified licensing process for its online products.

Design by Ben Crothers of Catch Media CC BY 2.5

Design by Ben Crothers of
Catch Media CC BY 2.5

"Geoscience Australia is one of only two Australian Government agencies to have taken the lead in this direction, using the Creative Common Attribution 2.5 Australia Licence, commonly known as the Creative Commons Licence," said Chief Information Officer, Stuart Girvan.

"Our agency is custodian of a vast range of valuable geological and spatial datasets that are used by the public sector and private sector industries in the exploitation of resources, management of the environment, safety of critical infrastructure and the resultant well-being of all Australians. The Creative Commons licence has created a more efficient process for them to access this valuable information," said Stuart.

Creative Commons Licences are generic, off-the-shelf licences regulating the use of scientific, educational, artistic and other forms of intellectual property. They are designed to make it easier to mark creative works with the rights - to use, share, and re-use. Creative Commons Licences are particularly useful when the creators of a work wish it to be used as a public good, but also wish to retain some control and to limit their liabilities. Creative Commons Licences were developed by an international not for profit organisation and has been adapted to the legal codes of over fifty countries, including Australia.

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