Partnership secures SHRIMP sale

1 October 2009

The partnership between Geoscience Australia and Australian Scientific Instruments (ASI) has helped to secure the sale of a Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe, more commonly known as a SHRIMP, to the University of Granada in Spain.

Geoscience Australia hosted a demonstration for University of Granada staff in 2008 as part of an international pre-tender evaluation tour by the university of similar instruments and laboratories around the world. An analytical session on the Geoscience Australia SHRIMP during the visit was described by ASI as pivotal in giving the instrument a competitive edge in the subsequent tender process.

Geoscience Australia SHRIMP laboratory

Geoscience Australia
SHRIMP Laboratory
© Geoscience Australia

The demonstration was undertaken as part of the unique partnership between Geoscience Australia and ASI to manage the SHRIMP for mutual benefit. Through the partnership, ASI has time on the instrument for client demonstrations and for research and development in a productive laboratory environment. In turn Geoscience Australia benefits as a result of developments which will ensure the SHRIMP remains relevant to the agency's requirements.

University of Granada staff are expected to visit the laboratory again early in 2010 to continue familiarisation and training with the Geoscience Australia SHRIMP instrument.

By hosting demonstrations for potential ASI clients, Geoscience Australia is continuing to contribute to what is an Australian technology success story. The sale of the SHRIMP to the University of Granada represents a major high-technology export sale worth around $6 million and represents a significant breakthrough into the very competitive European market.

During its first year of operation after commissioning in April 2008, the Geoscience Australia SHRIMP carried out around 13 000 analyses of about 190 rock samples from the Northern Territory, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, resulting in significant finds in the Northern Territory [PDF 65KB] and South Australia [PDF 59KB].

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