Spatial information activities revealed

8 May 2009

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spatial@gov conference

The role of spatial information in Government is to be the subject of a major conference being sponsored by Geoscience Australia in June.

It is the inaugural spatial@gov conference in Canberra on 15 and 16 June 2009 and is aimed at raising awareness of the significant benefits to be gained by applying spatial resources to the business of government.

The conference convener, Ben Searle, says that spatial information is becoming a key in enabling the development of responses to many of the major issues facing society, including climate change, government activities such as health, resource management and service provision to indigenous communities.

Mr Searle said the conference will include presentations on a variety of topics including the part played by spatial tools in supporting the response to the Victorian bushfires through tactical and operational mapping activities, how spatial technologies are being applied to assist with management of water resources, and to support the Social Inclusion agenda.

Activities in other countries will also be on the agenda, including the remote sensing programs operating in China and the spatial activities of the New Zealand Government.

Further information on the conference program is available at the spatial@gov conference website.

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