Water testing made easy

23 October 2009

For centuries the availability of fresh water has been taken for granted, but with changing environmental and social situations around the globe it is being recognised increasingly as a precious, finite resource.

Groundwater Sampling and Analysis - A Field Guide

Groundwater Sampling and
Analysis - A Field Guide
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With the growing demand in Australia, groundwater is seen more and more as an important resource. It currently accounts for more than 30% of Australia's total water consumption in a variety of uses, including drinking, irrigation, stock supply and bottling, as well as for natural ecosystems.

To ensure the sustainable use of groundwater, a greater appreciation needs to be developed of the factors which can affect its quantity and quality.

This appreciation will be facilitated by Geoscience Australia's publication of the Groundwater Sampling and Analysis - A Field Guide in an attempt to help scientists, researchers, water managers and the public better manage and monitor groundwater.

The field guide provides a set of standard sampling protocols which focus on a range of groundwater issues throughout Australia.

A co-author of the publication, Dr Baskaran Sundaram, said the guide provides a uniform, accurate and reliable set of sampling procedures which will ensure greater confidence in the interpretation of any field based data.

"Along with its applications for groundwater resource assessment and management, the guide will assist sampling and analysis within projects associated with carbon capture and storage as well as in mineral exploration, including that for geothermal and other energy resources," Dr Sundaram said.

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