Aerial survey sets new bechmark

26 May 2010

Frome Embayment/Murray Basin
survey project area.
© Geoscience Australia

Over recent years, Geoscience Australia has undertaken significant aerial surveys, but its latest airborne electromagnetic (AEM) survey is eclipsing all others.

The survey will cover 95 450 square kilometres of South Australia's outback. This represents almost 10 per cent of South Australia's total area, or around half that of Victoria, making it the most extensive single AEM survey ever undertaken in Australia.

A fixed wing Shorts Sky Van will fly a total of 34 986 kilometres over the Frome Embayment and northern Murray Basin, east and north of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. It will gather pre-competitive information which is aimed at demonstrating where AEM is effective for the exploration for energy commodities by mapping subsurface geology, including prospective sedimentary horizons and faults.

The survey also will help to improve the understanding of groundwater in the area.

The region is considered to have a high potential for uranium mineralisation with major mines identified in the survey area already at Beverley, Honeymoon and Four Mile.

With total funding of $2.67 million the survey is a collaborative project involving Geoscience Australia ($2.32m), the South Australian Government through Primary Industries and Resources South Australia ($266 000) and a consortium of industry representatives ($84 500).

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