Satellite reveals extent of flooding

9 September 2010

Heavy rains and strong winds over recent weeks have left much of the Australian landscape water-logged and prone to flooding, particularly in the country's southeast. The extent of flooding through the Goulburn and Broken Rivers in the Shepparton region was captured by the Landsat 5 satellite on 7 September.

GeoVictoria flood waters converge on Shepparton. Landsat 5 image acquired on 7 September 2010

Victoria flood waters converge on
Shepparton. Landsat 5 image
acquired on 7 September 2010.
© Geoscience Australia

During the last week of August and the first week of September, parts of Victoria and southern New South Wales received rainfall at a magnitude not experienced for more than a decade.

Large areas of northern and eastern Victoria were inundated, with residents forced to evacuate and emergency services kept busy erecting sandbag barriers to hold back the rising waters. Flooding occurred as far afield as the Gippsland in eastern Victorian, and Benalla and Shepparton in central Victoria, with in excess of 100 millimetres of rain recorded in some parts.

Following inundation in and around Benalla, residents in Shepparton on the confluence of the Goulburn and Broken Rivers spent anxious hours on 7 September waiting to see when the two rivers would peak. Although some flooding was experienced, damage impact was minimal through remedial action such as placing sandbag walls around threatened homes.

A higher resolution image is available as a free download [JPEG 500KB].

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