Students tackle carbon storage

20 January 2010

Students at the 2010 National Youth Science Forum. © Geoscience Australia

Students at the 2010
National Youth Science Forum
© Geoscience Australia

Australia's top science students are looking for a suitable site for the geological storage of carbon dioxide.

The students are taking up the challenge as part of the 2010 National Youth Science Forum.

During a new half-day workshop at Geoscience Australia, they work with scientists using some of the latest technology and techniques required to identify the best possible storage site for carbon dioxide - an innovative solution to one of the major challenges facing Australia.

Techniques include seismic, core and well-log interpretation as well as carbon dioxide monitoring and applications of GIS. Each group uses different techniques, equipment and data, and then get together to determine the optimum storage site.

The National Youth Science Forum is a two week program held in Canberra each year for students moving into Year 12 with an interest in science, engineering and technology. Geoscience Australia hosts two National Youth Science Forum visits each January.

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