Techology test site opens

26 August 2010

Researchers, resource exploration companies and their support industries will be able to properly test their equipment at a new facility set up in Western Australia.

Locality diagram for Kauring test site.

Locality diagram for Kauring test site.
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It is the Kauring Airborne Gravity Test Site east of Perth which allows operators to test the capabilities of airborne gravity (AG), airborne gravity gradiometer (AGG) and other airborne sensing systems against gravity and magnetic anomalies.

The anomolies have been defined by detailed ground and airborne surveys which will provide a high degree of accuracy to ground-truth and compare airborne systems. As part of using the site any data acquired or products derived as a result of flying over the test site will be made available to researchers and other interested individuals or organisations for independent analysis.

In addition to allowing AG and AGG data to be evaluated against the detailed ground gravity data, the site will enable direct comparison of different AG and AGG systems over the same gravity features.

The site is a collaborative venture involving Geoscience Australia, the Geological Survey of Western Australia and the mining and resource company Rio Tinto as well as the aerial survey company, Fugro Airborne Surveys.

For more information, visit the Kauring Airborne Gravity Test Site project.

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