New resource information for explorers

29 June 2011

Scientists gather samples for the National Geochemical Survey

Scientists gather samples for the
National Geochemical Survey
Photo: Gary Burton (NSW DPI)

Mining companies and explorers have access to valuable new pre-competitive data following the release of information from the National Geochemical Survey of Australia.

Results from the survey, the first to be carried out at a continental scale, will provide pointers to possible new mineral and energy resources within catchments across Australia.

The data from the survey contain information on the concentrations of up to 68 mineral elements in sediments samples gathered from 1315 sites in 1186 catchments across Australia as part of Geoscience Australia's Onshore Energy Security program.

In a cooperative venture involving State and Territory agencies, a surface and deeper sample of transported regolith was collected close to the outlet of each catchment before undergoing chemical analysis.

The project coordinator, Dr Patrice de Caritat, said that the primary aim of the survey was to provide pre-competitive data and knowledge to support exploration for energy and mineral resources in Australia.

"The results have improved the existing knowledge of the concentrations and distributions of chemical elements as well as provided indicators of potential new mineral and energy resources at the national scale," Dr de Caritat said.

"As well as expanding knowledge about potential energy sources, the data will help mining companies and explorers to reduce potential risk in the search for new mineral discoveries," he said.

Further details are available in the Geochemical Atlas of Australia.

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