Sydney subject of urban survey

12 December 2011

A field crew gathering urban landscape data with the Rapid Inventory Collection System (RICS). Copyright Geoscience Australia.

A field crew gathering urban landscape
data with the Rapid Inventory Collection
System (RICS). © Geoscience Australia

The urban landscape in parts of the southern area of inner Sydney is to become the subject of a physical evaluation of building types within a specific environment.

Geoscience Australia will obtain photographs of buildings using the Rapid Inventory Collection System (RICS) vehicle mounted cameras for the resulting data to be included in the National Exposure Information System (NEXIS) which provides information on buildings in urban areas across Australia

The survey, which is a collaborative venture between the City of Sydney and Geoscience Australia, will be carried out in parts of Rosebery Zetland, Beaconsfield, Erskenville, Waterloo, Redfern and Alexandria, including the area around the Alexandra Canal.

Geoscience Australia researcher, Mark Edwards said that the survey will obtain information on construction materials, architectural styles, number of levels and approximate age of residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

“The information obtained will assist in urban planning, including urban renewal, Mr Edwards said.

“The survey will provide the first opportunity to gather information aimed at mitigating natural hazard risk by providing an improved understanding of how buildings might be affected by severe wind, hail or flooding,” he said.

“Until now the RICS has been used to gather data on the after effects of natural disasters including Tropical Cyclone Yasi and earthquakes in Western Australia and New Zealand. The data obtained in this survey will set the pattern for acquiring data for forward planning rather that post disaster re-construction,” Mr Edwards said.

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