Earthquakes prevalent in southern states

10 August 2012

Australian Earthquakes 2011.

Australian Earthquakes 2011.
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The most active areas for earthquakes in Australia are located in the south of the continent, but the most significant earthquake during 2011 occurred in the country’s north.

The frequency of events, particularly in southwest Western Australia, southeast South Australia and southern areas of the east cost, are identified on a new map which illustrates the location of Australia’s earthquakes during 2011.

The map which was developed by Geoscience Australia seismologists, also contains information on the magnitude of the earthquakes on the Australian mainland and in nearby waters.

Overall, Australia experienced 539 events during 2011 with the most significant recorded being magnitude 5.3 near Bowen, Queensland, on 16 April and another magnitude 5.3 north of Exmouth, Western Australia, on 17 April.

Other significant earthquakes recorded by the Australian National Seismograph Network occurred near Newman and Marble Bar, Western Australia, Hatches Creek, Northern Territory, Korumburra, Victoria, Carrieton, South Australia, and in the Great Australian Bight.

Seismographic equipment was deployed within 36 hours to monitor aftershocks from the events near Bowen and Korumburra, as well as an event near Yongala, South Australia.

Geoscience Australia is supported in seismic monitoring within Australia through stations operated by the Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy, Environmental Systems and Services, Australian Centre for Geomechanics and by the Australian Seismometers in Schools Network. The Schools Network is a four-year project which will result in 40 seismometers being deployed in schools around Australia.

Further information on Australia’s earthquakes during 2011 can be obtained in The Australian Seismological Report 2011 and the Australian Earthquakes 2011 Map is available as a free download.

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