Events highlight geosciences

10 August 2012

A researcher using computer software to model a 3D image from a topographic map. Copyright Geoscience Australia.

A researcher using computer
software to model a 3D image
from a topographic map.
© Geoscience Australia

People interested in pursuing a career in the geosciences will have two unique opportunities this month to obtain detailed information about a variety of scientific disciplines.

As part of National Science Week hands on experiences will be available during a Modelling and Simulation Careers and Technology Showcase on 15 August and at Geoscience Australia’s Open Day on 19 August.

The Careers and Technology Showcase will provide opportunities to receive professional advice and take part in demonstrations of simulation and modelling techniques in fields such as earthquakes, tsunamis and bushfires as well as investigations into geothermal energy, trends in vegetation cover and understanding the Earth’s subsurface. It is aimed at identifying potential careers for university and TAFE graduates and providing demonstrations of cutting edge developments to the public.

Geoscience Australia researcher, Dr Jane Sexton said that modelling and simulation is an important element of the agency’s work in determining ways to reduce the impact of natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunami and bushfires.

“Modelling also helps scientists develop a better understanding of the Earth’s geological structure to provide pre-competitive data to reduce the level of risk for exploration and mining companies,” Dr Sexton said.

In addition to the information on geosciences, the forum will provide virtual reality simulations of mining activities, vehicle driving, defence systems training, hydrological forecasting and food manufacturing, as well as modelling for business analysis, workforce planning and transport logistics.

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