Mapping support during natural disasters

21 March 2012

Section of 1:100 000 topographic map of the ACT. © Geoscience Australia.

Section of 1:100 000
topographic map of the ACT
© Geoscience Australia

Many important decisions are made by emergency managers during times of natural disaster and severe weather, and accurate up-to-date mapping and data are essential to support the response and recovery effort.

Geoscience Australia has been providing spatial data and mapping support to a range of Australian and State Government agencies in response to flooding and severe weather emergencies in northern NSW and southern QLD in the summer of 2011-12.

As part of the recovery response, Geoscience Australia has supplied over 900 topographic maps to government for use by emergency managers to assist with emergency planning and disaster relief.

Topographic maps provide emergency service workers with critical information like the location of fire trails, bridges and dams, and also provide a good overview of affected regions by helping to locate features such as lakes, rivers, streams, hills, ridge lines and valleys.

Geoscience Australia has a lead role in coordinating and producing topographic mapping across Australia not only for recreational use, but also for government and industry to assist with urban planning, resource management, and the establishment of legal boundaries and land ownership.

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