Space talk in the summer

25 January 2012

Graphic of ALOS satellite sensor.

Graphic of ALOS satellite sensor.

Australia’s space future will be the topic of discussion when Geoscience Australia represents the Australian Government on a distinguished space panel at the University of South Australia.

As part of a series of space forums at the University, the panel, consisting of members from the Australian Government, the Australian space industry and the University will discuss the recent history, current status, and future direction of the Australian space program on 25 January 2012.

As the main supplier of commercial satellite data to the Australian government through the Optical, Geospatial, Radar and Elevation (OGRE) panel, Geoscience Australia will be discussing the current and future needs of satellite data in areas such as emergency management and environmental mapping.

"Satellite data is used to track Australia’s land cover change, which builds knowledge – in the Australian Government, the private sector and academia - about our environment and how it has changed over time", said Dave Hudson, who will be participating in the panel.

"This enables environmental decision makers to be better informed in areas such as natural resource management, precision agriculture, natural disaster mapping and urban planning", he said.

The panel will be presenting for students studying at the Southern Hemisphere Summer Space Program as part of the International Space University. Scheduled for 6:30pm – 8pm AEST today, the panel will also be presented in a live web stream from (active at commencement of panel).

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