Support for GovHack

29 May 2012

GovHack 2012.

Geoscience Australia is one of a number of government agencies sponsoring the increasingly popular GovHack event as part of APS Innovation Week 2012.

"As the national geoscientific agency, we are proud to be sponsoring GovHack 2012 to encourage technical innovation with freely available geoscientific data," said CEO, Dr Chris Pigram.

"Geoscience Australia exercises stewardship for a vast range of data underpinning research from a range of domains that are tackling important global issues such as climate change, water resources and water management, hazard modelling for safer communities, and renewable energy sources".

GovHack takes place on the weekend of 1-3 June as a showcase event for APS Innovation Week. Software developers and web designers from government, industry, academia and the general public, will come together to develop ways of making government data more accessible in an effort to promote open government.

Along with the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, the National Archives of Australia and the Australian Government Information Management Office, Geoscience Australia, will be offering data sets and sponsoring prizes for development of the best apps, data 'mash-ups' and data visualisations.

Geoscience Australia is also offering tours and a public seminar as part of Innovation Week for those wanting to find out more about the latest technology our geologists are using to monitor earthquakes and uncover Australia's hidden mineral wealth.

APS Innovation Week (2-8 June) is about sharing new ideas, solutions and priorities to get better results and outcomes, and to showcase the latest ways of doing things better in the Australian Public Service.

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