Survey into impacts from Queensland disasters

19 March 2012

Business operators in areas of Queensland affected by Tropical Cyclone Yasi and the 2011 floods in southeast Queensland will have an opportunity this month to highlight their experiences.

Geoscience Australia will circulate a survey to a total of 1900 businesses to gather information on the impacts and losses attributable directly to the events as well as the disruptions they caused to business revenue and operations. It will seek details also on how businesses coped with that loss and disruption.

Geoscience Australia researcher, Shelby Canterford, said the information will help to develop a better understanding of various effects on the business community and assist with planning to help mitigate problems encountered by communities as a result of natural disasters.

"Information from Tropical Cyclone Yasi and the 2011 floods will complement existing knowledge about natural hazards and their impact on buildings and other structures," she said.

"Understanding the impacts on businesses is important to developing an appreciation of the community's economic vulnerability to disasters," Mrs Canterford said.

Businesses willing to participate in the survey can complete it online at:

2011 Floods:;

Tropical Cyclone Yasi:; or

by emailing Geoscience Australia Hazards:

The survey of the business community will be followed by a survey of households which will focus on gathering information on the social impacts of a disaster.

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