Virtual tour of Australia's oceans

20 June 2012

Screenshot of Bathymetry of the Australian Margin flythrough. Copyright Geoscience Australia 2012

Screenshot of Bathymetry of
the Australian Margin flythrough.
© Geoscience Australia

The Minister for Resources and Energy, Martin Ferguson AM MP today announced the release of two new flythroughs prepared by Geoscience Australia which take viewers on a virtual tour of Australia's coastline and deep oceans, including the Australian Antarctic Territories (AAT).

The Bathymetry of the Australia Margin 2012 flythrough uses modern visualisation techniques to investigate Australia's underwater marine features captured in the 2009 Bathymetric Grid of Australia. It features seafloor canyons off Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia, including the Perth Canyon which is over 4000 metres deep, as well as Australia's Great Barrier Reef in northern Queensland.

The Bathymetry of the Australian Antarctic Region 2012 flythrough was produced from data collected as part of Geoscience Australia's Antarctic Geoscience Project, and forms a fundamental dataset which is being used to better protect the range of seabed communities that exist along the AAT.

"Mapping the seabed in Australia's Antarctic Territory reveals the dramatic nature of this seafloor environment. The seabed ranges in depth to over 6000 metres in places, and is intersected by features such as vast plateaus, volcanic knolls, submarine canyons and rugged coastal channels," Minister Ferguson said.

Minister Ferguson recognised the value of the deep ocean data collected by Geoscience Australia and acknowledged how this work assists the Australian Government to address challenges facing Australia's marine environments and to make decisions on its management, including resource utilisation and environmental protection.

The two flythroughs have been included in the Australian Museum's new Deep Oceans exhibition which was officially opened by the New South Wales Arts Minister, the Hon George Souris MP in Sydney on 19 June 2012.

Further details are available in Minister Ferguson's media release.

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