Petroleum and Marine Geochemistry Laboratory


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The Petroleum and Marine Geochemistry Laboratory provides specialist laboratory support to Geoscience Australia and its collaborative projects in organic and marine geochemistry. It also provides support for other Geoscience Australia projects.

The laboratory supports a range of research activities which contribute to an improved understanding of Australia's petroleum resources. When applied by government agencies and exploration companies, this research, which is in the form of databases and specialist reports, aids risk assessment and promotes exploration investment, particularly in Australia's offshore jurisdiction. The laboratory also contributes to research in marine environmental geoscience, understanding the extent of human impacts on the coastal zone and development of techniques in organic geochemistry.


The laboratory is well equipped with a range of modern analytical instruments:

  • Agilent 5973 MSD
  • Finnigan MAT-252 isotope ratio mass spectrometer
  • Finnigan Delta+XL isotope ratio mass spectrometer
  • Several standalone and MS interfaced gas chromatographs (Varian, HP and Carlo-Erba)
  • Rock-Eval-6
  • Perkin Elmer LS50B Fluorimeter
  • ASE equipment.

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