Meet Our 2013 Graduates

Seven graduates completed the 2013 Graduate Program. The successful graduates were:

Chris completed his undergraduate studies at the Australian National University (ANU), majoring in geology and biology. Chris then completed Honours at ANU investigating the use of uranium isotopes to better understand groundwater flow rates. His first rotation is a project mapping the distribution of potential sites for geothermal energy exploration.

Emma completed a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) at Macquarie University. Her Honours research involved analysis of hydrocarbons in 1.4 billion year old shale from the McArthur Basin of the Northern Territory. Emma's first project is studying the effect of potential sampling bias on the results of marine biodiversity surveys.

Hannah completed marine studies at the University of Sydney. She later completed a PhD at the University of Queensland researching wave heights and the implications that these have for sediment transport on beaches. Hannah's first rotation involves developing a method to extract bathymetry information about the seafloor from three-dimensional seismic datasets.

Kathryn discovered her passion for geoscience during an elective unit in the final semester of a Media Arts degree. She later completed a Bachelor of Science degree at Monash University, eventually completing Honours studying the eruption history of a volcanic island in the North Atlantic Ocean. Kathryn is working on a project that hopes to develop ways of forecasting earthquake aftershocks within Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Kathryn completed a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science and Chemistry and her Honours and PhD studies at the University of Queensland. Kathryn's research focussed on developing new methods for dating volcanic and weathering processes. Her first rotation is looking at ways to using GIS tools to develop a multi-hazard risk assessment for the Asia-Pacific Region.

Millie was born and bred in the Top End and braved the cold temperatures of Adelaide to complete a Bachelor of Science with Honours in geophysics. Her Honours research focused on using geophysics to help assess the geometry of geological basins. During Millie's graduate rotations, she hopes to find out how geophysics can be applied to a range of research topics.

Sarlae grew up on beautiful Norfolk Island. She completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Chemistry and Geology at the ANU, with Honours specialising in Metamorphic Petrology. Sarlae's PhD focused on peridotite-cored basalt bombs erupted from three volcanic arcs in the Western Pacific. Her first rotation is using remote sensing techniques to monitor surface deformation caused by magma intrusion beneath volcanoes.