Hannah Power

Geoscience Australia graduate Hannah Power near Skaftafell glacier in Iceland

I first became interested in marine science while learning to SCUBA dive whilst still at school. I subsequently completed my undergraduate degree in Marine Science at the University of Sydney. My Honours project looked at how the height of an ocean wave changes on sandy beaches once the waves have broken.

I later completed a PhD at the University of Queensland. My research included further study of wave heights on sandy beaches, as well as looking at the implications this has on sediment transport on beaches. As part of my thesis I developed a range of new automated image analysis techniques to examine water velocity within waves. My field work took me to many beaches in New South Wales and Queensland; and as far away as Denmark.

Geoscience Australia offers me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and skill set, as well as allowing me to participate in areas of geoscience research that are new to me.

My first rotation involves developing a method to extract bathymetry, information about the topography of the seafloor, from three-dimensional seismic data sets. This project will allow me to enhance my skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and gain experience in analysing seismic data.

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