Kathryn Owen

Photograph of Geoscience Australia graduate Kathryn Owen taken while visiting Red Crater on Mount Tongariro during a university fieldtrip to New Zealand

I was a little late in catching onto the awesomeness of geoscience. It was only during an earth science elective in the final semester of my Bachelor of Arts degree at Deakin University that I discovered my passion for rocks, volcanoes and all things earth science.

After then spending some time living in the geologically fascinating landscapes of New Zealand’s South Island, I returned to university to further my studies. I completed a Bachelor of Science degree at Monash University majoring in Geosciences with a minor in Geography and Environmental Science, and I loved every minute! I became particularly interested in the field of natural hazards and consequently undertook an Honours year at Monash University in collaboration with the University of the Azores (Portugal) studying the eruption history of a volcano on the island of São Miguel in the Azores Archipelago of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Throughout my science studies, I was aware that Geoscience Australia was a place that I wanted to work due to the possibility of being able to apply my skills to better understanding the effects of natural hazards on communities. I was also attracted to the graduate program for the educational potential the program offers via its rotation system.

During my first rotation I am working on a project that hopes to develop ways of forecasting the likelihood of aftershocks occurring in the days following large earthquakes within Australia and possibly the wider Asia-Pacific region. This information will hopefully help develop better emergency responses to such events in the future. In my following rotations I hope to explore different areas of the agency and further develop my Geographic Information System (GIS) skills.

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