Meet our 2014 Graduates

Nine graduates commenced the 2014 Graduate Program, including our first ICT graduates. Find out about their journey to Geoscience Australia by selecting the links below or watch their presentations at the start of their employment.

Amber wanted to become a palaeontologist after first seeing Jurassic Park when she was a child. This ultimately led her to a Bachelor of Science and Honours, majoring in geology and biology at the Australian National University. After a stint as a laboratory technician at Geoscience Australia, Amber returned to study to complete a PhD researching 800 million year old ecosystems.

Claire has a passion for geology first fostered during family trips to Northern Australia where she was captivated by the stunning landscapes. This ultimately led her to studying Geology at the University of New South Wales. During her first Graduate Program rotation she will be working on a 3D geophysical model of an oil and gas basin off the coast of Western Australia.

Daniel completed a Bachelor of Communications and Networking at James Cook University. His interest is in software development, specifically the use of web and mobile technologies. His first graduate project includes helping to increase efficiency of Geoscience Australia's research though improved data availability, and contributing to upcoming mobile development initiatives.

Neil has always been interested in the great outdoors, particularly the idea of working in beautiful and remote areas. This attraction to the great outdoors combined with an interest in science led Neil to study geoscience at Monash University where he developed a fascination for understanding how rocks melt within the Earth's crust.

Philip became interested in geology while collecting fossils as a young child in England. He later completed a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in geology at the University of Queensland, subsequently completing Honours studying the formation of Brazilian mineral deposits. For his first rotation he is working on a geochemistry study of an area in north-west New South Wales.

Ryan got a taste for Earth Systems science during the first year of a Science degree at the ANU. During his Honours and PhD he studied sediments and microfossils from the Timor and Coral Seas to investigate historical chemical and temperature variations in the ocean. During his first rotation Ryan will be working on a Hydrochemistry Atlas of Groundwater in the Great Artesian Basin.

Sachin grew up in India and after working and travelling overseas decided to study Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at Charles Sturt University in Sydney. Sachin has always found the field of ICT fascinating because of the vast potential it offers.

Sarah moved to Canberra to study a Bachelor of Global and Oceans Sciences at the ANU. Acutely aware of our nation's dependence on groundwater resources, she later focussed on hydrogeology for her Honours project. During her Graduate Program rotations she hopes to develop her skills in seismic interpretation and statistical techniques in the geosciences.

Sheree was surprised to learn that she could make a career out of her fascination with understanding how the Earth formed. Her Honours project at Monash University looked at copper mineralisation in the Curnamona Province of South Australia. During her first Graduate Program rotation she will be working on a magnetotelluric survey of Victoria.