Claire taking measurements during fieldwork to the New England region of New South Wales during her Honours project.

As a child I thought I wanted to be an archaeologist like Indiana Jones, until I realised that in reality I would be spending my life digging up shards of pottery. I also really wanted to work outdoors and visit unusual places so my interests eventually progressed to geoscience. My passion for geology was fostered during family trips to the Kimberley and Northern Territory where I was captivated by the stunning landscapes.

In 2013 I completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Geology at the University of New South Wales. For my Honours project I worked in collaboration with a mining exploration company to investigate the potential for silver-lead-zinc deposits in the New England region of NSW. This project gave me the opportunity to do both geological mapping in the field and to use a wide variety of geochemical techniques in the laboratory.

The prospect of broadening my geoscientific horizons via the Geoscience Australia Graduate Program greatly appealed to me. Having access to such an amazing wealth of knowledge in pretty much any geoscience discipline you can think of is an invaluable opportunity, especially when you are a new graduate looking to find your place in the scientific community.

For my first rotation I am working on a project to create a 3D geophysical model of an oil and gas basin off the coast of Western Australia. This project will allow me to improve my knowledge of geophysics and combine it with my geology background in a creative way to produce something useful.

The great thing I love about geoscience is that it has so many varied applications and can be directly used to solve important practical problems. Geoscience can literally take you anywhere in the world – after all, there are rocks everywhere!

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