I grew up in India and after completing my formal education decided to work and travel overseas. My first visit outside India was to a small town called Petrinja in Croatia; after which I was lucky enough to travel to other places within the Balkan region. It was towards the end of this exciting journey that I decided to study further and chose the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

I have always found the field of ICT very exciting as it offers the vast potential of being able to harness information and to implement a range of technology solutions. I completed my Masters of Information Technology from Charles Sturt University in Sydney, which allowed me the opportunity to delve further and explore various other branches of technology without having a narrow approach.

The Geoscience Australia Graduate Program provides me with the opportunity of utilising technology and applying it to real life situations that can make a difference to many people’s lives. I hope that during my graduate rotations I find out more about how technology and science complement each other.

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