Sarah experiencing wild weather during a visit to out the spectacular Precipitous Bluff on the South coast of Tasmania

Growing up on the marvellous island of Tasmania, I spent almost all my spare time running round the great outdoors. It was inevitable that I would become fascinated with geology, biology and atmospheric and ocean science. In attempting to study as many of these as possible I moved to Canberra to study a Bachelor of Global and Ocean Sciences at the Australian National University.

Geology particularly grabbed my attention in first year. Studying the processes that form the mountains I spend most of my time climbing or hiking around, as well as the excitement of fieldwork made geology a clear win over any other contenders. Living in Australia and being acutely aware of our dependence on groundwater resources led me to head down the path of hydrogeology. I emerged with an Honours project that analysed geochemical data to assess the interaction between coal measures and a groundwater aquifer in the Surat Basin, in central Australia.

The opportunity to work on a wide range of topics made the Geoscience Australia Graduate Program an extremely exciting prospect. During my first rotation with Geoscience Australia I hope to develop skills in interpreting seismic data to map geological structures and be able to incorporate this information into predictions of groundwater flow. Later in the Graduate Program I hope to gain rotations with more geophysics and statistics focus, as I feel these are both fields with the potential for highly transferrable skills.

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